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Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Thank you SO much for choosing me to be your wedding photographer! I’m excited to get to know you even more and I’m so glad you made the decision to do an engagement session! I really appreciate you taking the time to complete this form before your engagement session!

Engagement sessions typically last one to two hours and generally take place in the morning or evening hours. The lighting in the morning and late afternoon is softer and much more flattering than any other time of day so when possible, this is when I try to take engagement photos.  Engagement photo sessions are generally only available in the Omaha, Nebraska area.  You may request other a session in another area, but additional fees will be charged.

Once your pictures are finished, the favorites may be posted to our blog and on Facebook for you to share with your friends and family. A usb will also be mailed to the address you provided or local pickup may be arranged a few weeks after your session!

If you’re not sure about what to wear for your engagement session, make sure you check out these ideas on Pinterest.

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What Do I Wear?

Couples often feel a bit overwhelmed by the idea of choosing an outfit(s) for their engagement photos.  Its a decision you'll be living with for years to come as you share the photos with your friends and family.  We want to help make the choice a little easier for you.  Check out some of these ideas, but also remember two things:

1) Be comfortable.  Sorry guys, that doesn't mean athletic shorts and a white T.  Wear something you feel fabulous in!  It will show in your photos.  

2) Be yourself.  Don't try to be someone you aren't.  These photos are about showing off how special you really are.  Personality is EVERYTHING!  

Below are some great ideas we pulled from your favorite wedding inspiration site, Pinterest!

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