We are Marisa & Eric Guerrero! 

It's not often you find a husband and wife team both equally fun and talented.

We not only work seamless together, but we have fun while doing it. The days of the  boring not so social photographer and videographer teams are over!

If you guys share that real authentic LOVE together, then we want in! 

The common denominator in all of our favorite weddings we've shot is LOVE. It's undeniable and because we have it in our own relationship, we know exactly what to look for and how to bring it out of you. 

You know that great feeling you get when you walk out of church on a Sunday afternoon? You feel refreshed and light. We get that same feeling leaving our favorite weddings! 


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The Guerreros. A Love Story

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2016 Eric slid in her DM's

2017 Took our 1st trip.

2017 Our kids met. We're official!

2017 Shit got real.

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2017 Oh Boy! 

2018 Family complete.

2019 Became The Guerreros

2021 Still going strong!

The Proposal

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Want to get a vibe of who we are?Watch our wedding film!

We rewatched our film 2 years later!
Annnd it still got us in our feelz!

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