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Here is a page full of common questions. Don't see your question here? Drop us an email through our contact form below.

1. Where are you located?

We are wedding videographers and photographers  located in La Vista, Nebraska.

7502 S 84th St La Vista, Ne 68128

We also do destination weddings willing to go to Colorado, The Pacific Northwest, and Florida.

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3. What is you turnaround time? 

For an engagement session it's up to 2 weeks. Wedding photos up to 60 day and wedding video up to 90 days. Turnaround time may also fluctuate during peak wedding season for the Midwest.

The Time

5. What if we suck at posing? 

We got you! The majority of couples we work with have little to no experience infront of the camera. We know what we are doing and will get your best angles and most genuine smiles. 

We also have shot lists on hand like the image below if we ever get stuck on ideas! Feel free to follow us on pinterest and send us your wedding board!


7. What happens if you can't make it to our wedding? 

We have never not made it to one of our weddings we have booked. In the event we were hospitilized, an act of God, or a death, we would be able to find a replacement of the same skillset and similar style. 

Nurse And Patient

9. What is the payment plan? 

We only require %20 non-refundable retainer to secure your date. The remaining balance is due 1 week before the wedding. You can easily view, sign, and pay your retainer or balance with a credit card from your phone. We make the process very simple!

Credit Card Purchase

12. How do we get our photos/video? 

We deliver your photos to an online gallery. Your proposal has print rights in it so you are free to print wherever you would like. We do have print options on our client portal for convenience. You can order quality prints, canvases, albums , and more right from your gallery link sent to you.  

Wrapped Package

14. How long do you film? 

Our base package includes 10 hours of shooting. We have found over the course of the past couple years that 10 hours covered almost everything we need to capture in a day to create a great storyline in the highlight film and not rush the events happening. We still have the option to add additional hours if needed. 

Wall Clock

16. Can we meet in person or have a Skype/Zoom call? 

Absolutely! Over the past year we have used Zoom more often, especially throughout the entire pandemic. For most clients that is sufficient. We prefer to meet in person, but if you guys prefer Zoom for convenience then that is fine as well.


18. Is your camera HD quality and how does your camera do in low light? 

We shoot on Sony A7iii's. They have 4k capability and can shoot your wedding in 4k. The Sony A7iii Scored 96 on DXO Mark | ‘Low-light score is the highest of any full-frame 35mm sensor. they’ve tested. Click the link below to read an article about them. We also have off camera lighting, on camera flashes and lighting as well. From the lowest lit ballrooms to barns we are %100 comfortable.

--> Click Here to Read Article <--

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19. Will you use my wedding in your promothions? 

We typically will promote using all of the weddings we shoot. Social media is the easiest way to share your photos and videos with all of your friends and family. If you do not want use to use your photos/video in our promotions simply let us know in the questionnaire we send you. We respect your privacy.


2. How long have you been shooting weddings?

Guerrero Media Group was officially established in 2021, however the ceo Eric Guerrero has been shooting for over a decade and between photos and video he has shot more than 50 weddings himself. 

Wedding Embrace

4. Can you photoshop us?

We don't alter the way you look other than skin blemishes or other non-permanent things ( pimple, scrape, etc). We do ask in our questionnaire if there is anything you're self-conscious of or worried about so we can be extra aware of those things while shooting

Video Editing

6. What is your wedding day involvement? 

It depends on if you are hiring us for just one service like video, or photo, DJ, photo booth, and uplighting. 

We won't go against the flow of the event. We won't step on the photographers toes if we are hired for just video. We roll with the punches and try to maximize the content you are going to get back. 

We may stage shots like family formals, wedding party group shots, and couples portraits, but other than that we capture candids as the wedding happens. 

We are certainly present the entirety of the time and constantly checking in with you to see how you are feeling, what we have scheduled next, and communicating with the other vendors. 


8. What if there is bad weather? 

If it's an engagement session we can always try and reschedule it to a better date. If that is not an option we will try our best to get what we can. Ideally we would just reschedule then the light/time is best. On wedding days we also do the best we can. Most venues you can still take some awesome photos and video indoors with natural light in the worst case scenarios. 

Bride and Groom with Umbrella

10. What is your booking process? 

The first step is filling out a contact form below. Once we get your inquiry we send our pricing and availability. If we are a good fit then we would send you a digital proposal. Within that proposal you can view, sign, and pay. That's it! Then your date is locked in. After that we send a wedding/engagement questionnaire and get the ball moving. 


13. Back up equiptment if regular equiptment malfunctioned day of wedding? 

We have 4 professional Dslr cameras, 2 drones,  a DJi pocket 2 that also shoots 4k 60fps. 2 microphones if one goes bad. Safe to say we got backup for backup. if all those happen to fail we have 2 iphone 12pro maxes that shoot 4k lol. We usually have one or two back cameras during the ceremony to make sure we don't miss anything. If someone walks infront of the shot or battery dies we have the other cameras rolling.

photography equipment

15. Do you travel to my location? 

YES! We are open to traveling across the US & currently accepting destination weddings. Tell us about your destination wedding or elopement and let's work something out!

Outdoor Wedding Photography

17. Will there be 1 or 2 cameras filming my wedding? 

There will always be multiple cameras filming. Our team uses "back cameras" on tripods as well as carrying around a camera constantly. That allows for multiple angles to choose between when editing as well as insurance incase one camera malfunctions/someone gets infront of the shot/a card gets corrupted. That is a great question to ask when comparing videographers!

Nature Shot

18. Do you offer same day edits or live streaming? 

No. Currently we do not offer same day edits. Most of same day edits require some pre made template to help with time. Editing takes a Long time. In most cases Longer than the amount of time we spent filming. All of our wedding videos are unique and not part of a template. If you want a video to show at your wedding to entertain guests we suggest a love story. That is typically filmed months before and it goes into detail more about how you guys met. We have found guests enjoy listening to your story and getting a deeper look into your relationship as a couple rather than a video of the ceremony they just sat through. Go the love story route!

We also do not offer live streaming services. We may in the future, but a polished highlight film should make your friend or relative feel like they were there firsthand and certainly tug on the heart strings. 

Editing & Post Production

20. Will the videographer you're speaking to be the one who will be filming your wedding? 

Yes! If we agree on who is shooting your wedding we will never switch that last minute unless that person became sick, hospitalized, or an act of God. Minimum the videographer checks in with you 2 weeks prior to the event to go over the timeline and make sure everything is still as planned.

Couple with Mobile Phone

More Questions? Reach out! 

Fill out the contact form below and we will reach out as soon as possible!

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