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Emily + Nick 10/1/22 at The Palace Event Center in Treynor, IA

Emily + Nickolas Schrawyer got married on 10/1/2022 at Treynor, IA the palace event center. Guerrero Media Group offered their Videography and Photography services.

You can follow the bride at her Instagram Handle: Emily_piersonn

Their wedding day!: There wedding was fall themed, Nick had one wish and it was to wear a full dark red suit, so that was their colors. The bridesmaids wore different shades of fall colors. They had cold sparks for their first dance! It was even choreographed. It took place outside while the sun was setting.

Their love story: Emily met Nickolas on tinder, a boring love story until you hear the length Nick went to actually get her on a date. She was a strong independent woman that didn’t want a man at the time. Naturally she made every excuse in the book not to go on a date with him. They stopped talking for a few months, until he randomly messaged her again, and this time she caved and that’s where it all began!

See Images Below:

The groomsmen all road their motorcycles. The photo booth was a great idea for entertaining all of the guests. The bride surprised the Groom with a special photo book. They had a great idea to have the couples names written on a pair of glasses people were taking pictures with. The brides brother created possibly the most embarrassing moment for the bride by printing out a giant screenshot of an embarrassing snapchat photo. They came in on clouds! Their grand entrance was followed up by a quick game of tippy cup between the wedding parties. They had their photo session out by the swing in the tree. It was the perfect backdrop. They couple both revealed their matching dog tattoos from their dog. All of the bridesmaids got a custom ring. They used a unique mess free confetti which was pretty cool.

See the rest of the photos here:

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