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Behind the scenes of a Guerrero Media Group engagement shoot with Britney & Randy 11.12.22

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Counting down the days until Britney + Randy's wedding on 11.12.22 ! Here's some BTS clips from the engagement session.



This engagement sessions lasted an hour and a half and had 2 total outfits. We shot at 2 locations. We also record video at engagement sessions for multiple reasons. We get some awesome bts still like these below, We can show you guys what we've been up to, and we can incorporate the videos into the final wedding video, or clients can purchase a "love story" video to play at the actual wedding. A love story is a short video that answers questions from the couple like "How did you guys meet? Tell us about the proposal? etc...Many things can come from it.

Check out the photos below. They are NOT the final photos delivered to clients. These photos below with the large watermark over them are to show clients examples of positioning and how we work together behind the scenes on shoots. We you hire Guerrero Media Group for your wedding or elopement you can guarantee the connection between shooters. There will be no stepping on toes as we have shot with each other in almost every situation. We work very fluid together and guide you through your day with ease.



Transcript: "Randy and I first met on Fourth of July at Beaver Lake on his boat and trying to get some people out on the boat out on the lake and she came out with her friend and we've been together ever since he is this absolutely crazy wild completely nuts type of person not my style at all she's just nice to everybody she's genuine her Love's real she's got my back no matter what he just completely blew me away that day first actual date I took her to this place called uh jinya ramen bar um we pretty much just sat there and looked at each other the whole time with smiles on our face Virginia so I'm gonna say our first date was completely relaxed our conversation flowed perfectly he surprised me in every which way possible and made me fall in love on our first date I knew Randy was the one once we both met all of our kids it all fit into a complete puzzle with five different puzzle pieces and it just flowed so naturally when I seen her with my kids how she didn't even have to try she just stepped in as their stepmom I don't even remember how long it was time kind of flew I knew I had feelings for Randy the second we got off the boat on Fourth of July and went over to our friend's house I had feelings for her right away like we didn't skip a beat after we met every day we were with each other as soon as we get off of work she'd even come right in the tow truck with me The Proposal that was kind of a rough one we were in Vegas and I was walking around with this ring in my pocket for a couple days and every time that I had like something set up to ask her she was like no I don't want to do that or something like that um we were in Las Vegas and he was super nervous by the end of the night I wanted to take a nice relaxing bath and we got down on one knee and our hotel room in Vegas and had it just intimately just me and him and it was perfect I I would like to move out of Nebraska go somewhere with a little different scenery a little more action I see our lives in five years with a house full of kids that are happy and we can build a future as a family together as a blended family and I would describe Randy as a rough and tough around the edges when you look at them but deep down he has such a pure heart but once you get to know him he would do absolutely anything for you which is one of the things that made me fall so madly in love with him I love that Randy cares so much for me and our family he would put us in front of anything to make sure that we're happy and safe here's the many happy years and spending time as a family together with my last name is yours now I love you Randy I cannot wait to call you my husband you make me one of the happiest people when you're around me I couldn't imagine not having you in my life and I'm so excited to see where our future takes us"

Check out the final engagement shots. Click the link below to see more examples.

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