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Alysha & Antonio Washington at Pioneers Park & The Gala in Lincoln, NE.

I met this couple back in the winter of 2020. We shot their engagement session on a cold winter day in Omaha Nebraska. Naturally, we stopped by the closest Scooters to grab a cup of coffee and learn a little more about each other. First thing I noticed about them is how well they complimented each other. Take a look at their matching Timberland boots.

This couple certainly had style. They also had what every great couple has, chemistry. They have the hand hold down and they moved at the same pace side in perfect harmony, both so proud to call the other one "theirs".

What little nerves remained were out the window once the kissy poses started kicking in. This couple really loves each other, like LOVES each other! I really love this photo, because the heads together kind of make the shape of a heart ❤️

So let's fast forward a few months and a whole covid reschedule later and we are here.

A perfect day. The sun is shining angelically through the church stained glass windows of the church (Vine Congregational United Church of Christ) as the ceremony approaches.

This was one of the more impactful moments for me of the day. This was one of many firsts for this young man. His story is going to be a great one. Watching father/son bonding always gets me as a father myself. These moments are often overshadowed by other things, but they are so monumental in the long run.

So we do first look, and as you can tell by the look on his face of approval he is one happy man. There was another special moment that happened right after that.

This photo was the very first time this little guy met his other mother which is the bride! It brings the term "first look" to a whole new level. This was their first family picture together. What a great one! I couldn't have been more happy at this point to capture whatever.

Of course dad approves and proudly walks his daughter down the aisle.

After the ceremony we really saw their wedding party come alive. Their group was filled with non stop laughs and congrats. We stopped at Pioneers Park Nature Center in Lincoln, NE to shoot a few bridal portraits. Non-stop laughter with this group.

It's a great feeling to know that someone made a lifelong commitment to have your back. A powerful photo and powerful pose.

The reception was held at The Gala in Lincoln, NE and matched the energy they brought in from the bridal portrait session. You know who's dance floor was not empty? #TheWashingtons

Except of course for the first dance, which was magical. The Gala was an awesome reception venue with a beer garden, fully stocked bar, photo booth, in house DJ setup, smoking area, and in house catering.

No word on where and when this couple plans to honeymoon, but where ever they go we know this is just the start of their love story.

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