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Guerrero Media Group is an award winning  multimedia company based out of La Vista, NE that specializes in wedding videography, photography, photo booth, dj, and uplighting. 

We have been established in the wedding industry for years and enjoy capturing and telling love stories. Our company slogan is..

"Relive Your Love Story Forever"

That statement encompasses everything we do at Guerrero Media Group. Whether it be photos or videos, making sure your perfect wedding day is captured is so important when you want to look back. 

They say a brides biggest regret is not having a videographer at their wedding. Video simply captures things photo cannot like the crackling of your grooms voice as he reads his vows, that perfect speech your dad gave, or the perfect song that gets you into your feels. 

We can offer the total package for you if you prefer a one stop shop. Ask about our "Ultimate Wedding Bundle" that includes every service we offer. Simply fill out the contact form below!


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Eric Guerrero You couldn’t have done a better job with our wedding video. The only words I’ve been able to mutter out since watching it is holy shit. Hahaha. It is absolutely beautiful. And your goal for when we watched it was accomplished! 😂

Thank you SO much for taking the time to shoot and edit our wedding. We seriously couldn’t have picked a better videographer, no way. I am so upset that Lance and I lost the picture we took with you and Erin at the reception! But we are 1000% grateful to you!


I cannot express how amazing Eric is. I was sorta last minute on getting a videographer and THANK GOD he was available!! He listened to my wants and made sure he captured all of the important moments I emphasized on! He definitely went above and beyond and was great to work with. I highly recommend him to anyone!


I can't thank Eric Guerrero enough for capturing our day! 😍best day ever!

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